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Please note that the online services for filing an application or creating an account by an individual under the Roulez vert program are available again. Thank you for your understanding.

Car dealers and vehicle manufacturers

Car dealers

Québec car dealers can become partners of the Roulez vert program – Roulez électrique component to offer their customers rebates on the purchase or lease of electric vehicles.

See the French version of this site for more information.

Vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle Manufacturers are encouraged to apply to have all their new electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles added to the list of eligible vehicles.

The list of eligible vehicles is based on information provided by vehicle manufacturers. Once a new model is marketed in Québec or the current model is replaced by a more recent one, the vehicle manufacturers may apply to register the new vehicle.

The vehicles concerned are all-electric, hydrogen-powered, plug-in hybrid, model year 2017 or earlier hybrid and low-speed electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and limited-speed electric motorcycles.

All-electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered vehicles must be sold at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price under $125 000. Plug-in hybrid vehicles must be sold at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price under $75 000.

New Vehicle Registration
Roulez électrique program – Roulez électrique component
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Applications will be examined by TEQ to determine vehicle eligibility and the amount of financial assistance associated with the vehicle.