Electric vehicles and charging stations

Running Electric campaign

Powered by Équiterre Ce lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre., Running Electric Ce lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre. introduces you to the benefits of driving an electric vehicle and provides you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about a rechargeable vehicle adapted to your needs and lifestyle. Take advantage of the many tools available to you, including guides, vehicle catalogues, webinars, videos, columns, and savings calculators.

Brochure – Choose a Plug-in Vehicle that Meets your Needs Ce lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre. 2022 Edition

This brochure contains a wealth of information on the models of rechargeable vehicles available in Québec in 2022, evaluations of transportation-related costs, charging options, and much more.

Discover the world of sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is a major issue, and the gouvernement du Québec can count on a number of partners to inform and raise awareness among Québec citizens. Whether it is using an electric vehicle or choosing other modes of transportation for your commute, sustainable mobility has several advantages and can raise many questions with its users. Learn more about sustainable mobility Ce lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre. and learn about its concepts.