Frequently asked questions

Charging stations at home

In the province of Québec, the Construction Code requires that all electrical work be carried out by an electrical contractor with a licence Ce lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre. from Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

1. Do I have to wait until I have my vehicle to purchase and install my charging station?

You can buy and install an eligible charging station before you take possession of your vehicle, but you must wait until you take possession of the vehicle before submitting your rebate application to the program manager.

2. Do I have to wait until I install my charging station to submit my rebate application?

Yes, you must include your charging station purchase invoice and proof of installation with your rebate application.

You must wait until your charging station is installed at your home before submitting your application using the online services or the form.

3. Are all charging stations eligible for a rebate?

Only charging stations that are included in the list of eligible charging stations are eligible for financial assistance. Make sure your charging station is on the eligible list BEFORE you purchase it for financial assistance.

A model can be added to the list of eligible charging stations if the model is rated as Level 2 and has received certification approval from an accredited organization. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact your distributor or manufacturer to explain the procedure to be followed. Only manufacturers and distributors can submit a request to add a new model.

Link to the Eligible Charging Stations page

4. How much does it cost on average to purchase and install a charging station?

Generally speaking, it costs $1,500 for the purchase and installation of the charging station.

The price for a 240V charging station can vary between $600 and $1,300 (before taxes). Charging stations can be purchased from a dealer, a distributor, a superstore or directly from the manufacturer.

Installation costs can range from $400 to $1,100 (before taxes). These costs may be higher if you need to upgrade your electrical panel or run underground cables.

In Québec, the Construction Code requires all electrical work to be carried out by an electrical contractor. However, you may not need to carry out any installation work if your home is already equipped with a 240V electrical outlet that complies with current regulations

5. What information must appear on my charging station invoice?

The invoice or proof of purchase for the charging station must list the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your home address
  • Date of the transaction
  • Name of the supplier or name of the supplier's company and contact information
  • Detailed description of the items included in the transaction
  • The amount for each item included in the transaction as well as the final amount of the transaction (including all applicable taxes and fees)

    If you made an online purchase, the information may be scattered throughout several documents. Make sure you attach all required documents to your rebate application.

6. What information is required on my proof of installation?

The invoice for installation work performed by an electrician shall include:

  • the date of installation;
  • the name of the electrical contractor;
  • the contractor’s RBQ licence number;
  • the amount of the installation fee (before taxes).

In Québec, the Construction Code requires that electrical work be performed by an electrical contractor holding a licence Ce lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre. from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

7. If I already have a 240-volt outlet (outside or in my garage), what proof of installation must I provide?

If your home already has a suitable 240-volt outlet for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station, you must provide proof that the charging station has been installed, by submitting one or more photos of the fully installed station, including an overview of the house and its door number.

8. If I set up my charging station by myself, can I receive financial assistance?

No. If a 240-volt outdoor outlet at your home is required, it must be installed by an electrical contractor licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (with supporting invoice).

If you already have a 240-volt outside outlet at your home, an electrical contractor is not required.

9. What is the deadline for submitting a rebate application?

It is recommended that you file your rebate application as soon as you are eligible.

You must have taken possession of your electric vehicle to be eligible for financial assistance for a charging station at home. In addition, your expenses must be incurred after April 1, 2016.

The Roulez vert program is in effect until the budget allocated under this program is fully exhausted or the Gouvernement du Québec makes the decision to terminate the program, with or without notice.

10. I bought a used electric vehicle. Can I take advantage of the rebate for a charging station?

Yes, as of April 1, 2017, used electric vehicle owners can apply for a rebate for the purchase and installation of a home charging station. This applies to owners or lessees of a fully electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicle or electric motorcycle.

The applicant's name and charging station installation address must be different from previous applications associated with this vehicle.

11. There is no charging station where I work. How can I convince my employer to offer this service?

Since February 2014, companies, municipalities and organizations can receive a rebate for the installation of one or several charging stations at the workplace. Companies are not required to have electric vehicles in their car fleet to take advantage of this rebate.

The charging station may be used by employees to recharge their personal vehicles. You will find more information on this program in the Rebate for a charging station at work section (in French only).

12. I took advantage of a promotion to acquire a charging station. Am I eligible for a rebate?

Some dealerships, manufacturers or municipalities offer promotions on the purchase or installation of a home charging station. If you have received financial assistance to cover the purchase or installation costs, you may not be eligible for reimbursement for a home charging station under the Roulez vert program. A copy of the invoice is required to submit a rebate application.