Eligibility requirements

This page presents the main eligibility requirements for repayment of the cost of a charging station for a multi-unit residential building. Other conditions and obligations apply. Consult the normative framework PDF (French version only) for more details.

Eligible applicants

Eligible participants are:

*The vehicle can be an all-electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, a low-speed electric vehicle or an electric motorcycle.

Other conditions apply. Consult the normative framework PDF (French version only) for more details.

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses are:

If the applicant is a promoter, owner or manager of a multi-unit residential building or a syndicate of co-owners, the following expenses are also eligible:

Important - These expenditures must be made as part of a project that includes the acquisition and installation of charging stations.

The Detailed applicant’s manual PDF (French version only) sets out additional information that must be provided with the application in order for these expenses to be considered eligible.

For the purposes of calculating the financial assistance, these costs are added to the eligible expenses for the installed charging stations.

Eligible expenses must also comply with the following criteria:

If the installation work is done by the applicant’s own employees, the labour costs required for this work are limited to the salary (hourly rate of the employee(s) times the number of hours required for the installation) and to the benefits, without markup.

The amount of financial assistance is calculated based on the acquisition or leasing cost before applicable taxes.

Dates of eligibility for expenses

To be eligible for the program, expenditures for the acquisition, installation or lease of a charging station must have been incurred or begun as of April 18, 2019.

In the case of a lease, the date of the first monthly payment provided for in the contract must be no later than April 18, 2019.

Note regarding the installation of the power distribution and supply infrastructure

Expenses for the labour and material required to install the infrastructure for charging stations that will be installed at a future date must be incurred no earlier than January 1, 2021.

Eligible buildings

The building where the charging station is installed must:

The administrator of the program may take into consideration other criteria for determining the number of eligible units. The number of units in a building is determined by adding up all the units located inside the exterior envelope.

In addition, parking spaces must be grouped in a common space.

Note: The owners of an electric vehicle who live in a building with less than five residential units may be eligible for Component 2A of the Roulez vert program - home charging station rebate. Consult the normative framework PDF (French version only) for more details.

Eligible charging stations

Charging stations must comply with the following criteria:

Charging stations approved following a special evaluation as per the SPE-1000 standard can no longer be added to the list of eligible models.

Last update: March 13, 2023

To add a model to the list of eligible charging stations

If the model you would like to purchase is not on the current list of eligible stations, ask the distributor or manufacturer of the product to apply for registration by filling out the Registration form for a new charging station XLS and by providing proof of certification for Canada, the model's technical data and a photo of the charging station showing that the certification seal for Canada is valid. Additional information may be requested by the MERN.

In Québec, the sale or rental of electrical equipment that has not been approved is prohibited.

All the electrical equipment models, brands and charging cables on the list of eligible charging stations have been approved by an accredited certification body, as required by the Building Act.

Eligible installation work

Work related to the installation of the charging station and its electrical power infrastructure, including the power output, must be performed in accordance with the Building Act (c. B 1.1), which is applied by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

To obtain additional information

To find out more about all the terms and conditions for applying for the program or for more information on how the rebate is calculated, consult the normative framework PDF (French version only) and the Detailed applicant’s manual PDF (French version only).