Procedure to follow

First – You must register for online services

If you wish to obtain your rebate from the car dealer at the time of the transaction, you must first register for our online services (in French only) and create your user profile. Please remember to enter all the requested information in your profile (your contact information, mailing address, etc.).

How Are Rebates Granted?

You can obtain the rebate amount you are entitled to directly from your dealer.

At the time of the transaction, your car dealer will verify whether your user profile has been created in the Online services. It will then complete for you the rebate application for your new vehicle.

Your car dealer will also ask you to sign a transfer of rights form. Your signature will confirm that you authorize the government to disburse your rebate directly to the car dealer, which can then deduct the rebate amount from the total cost of your vehicle (including applicable fees and taxes).

Applications filed directly by individuals

If your car dealer does not offer to deduct the rebate immediately from the price of your vehicle, if you deal directly with the vehicle manufacturer (e.g., Tesla), you must complete the rebate application yourself.

Here is the procedure to follow:

Step 1 – Registering for Online services

If necessary, please consult:

Step 2 – Creating a rebate application

Step 3 – Application processing

Step 4 – Payment of financial assistance

If you don’t use the Online services

If you are unable to access Online Services, you may file your application by mail using the PDF form Link opening a PDF document in a new window.. Send the form, together with copies of the required supporting documents, to the following address:

Roulez vert program
New vehicle rebate
CP 27506 BP Pont-Viau
Laval (Québec)
H7G 2V0