Eligibility requirements

Following is a summary of the conditions that must be met to be eligible for the Roulez vert rebate for used electric vehicles.

Eligible applicants

The participant must be:

Conditions regarding the vehicle

For the vehicle to be eligible for the rebate and appear on the list of eligible vehicles posted on this website, it must comply with the following conditions:

List of eligible vehicles

This is the list of used vehicles that are eligible for a Roulez vert rebate as well as the amount of the rebate for each model:

Make sure that the vehicle you are thinking of buying is eligible for the rebate and complies with the other conditions of the program.

Amount of the rebate

The rebate for a used electric vehicle is $3,500.

It is the vehicle registration date that is used to determine the rebate.

The rebate granted for a used vehicle is calculated to be equal to 50% of the rebate that would be offered under the Roulez vert program for the same model of vehicle were it purchased new.

Only one rebate can be attributed per vehicle under the program and the vehicle must remain registered in Québec for at least 12 months if it is acquired for personal use and for at least 36 months if it is purchased for a vehicle fleet (three or more vehicles).

To obtain additional information

You can obtain the rebate granted from your car dealer. If your dealer does not offer you the rebate on your purchase agreement, you can file your application directly with us.